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Retail design interior Euro supermercado fruits and vegetables zone gondola supermercado supermarket shelves
Jardines llanogrande

New Euro Supermarket concept by Dico Custom

Project Details


Euro Supermercados has more than 20 stores in Antioquia and Colombia. The one located in Jardines Llanogrande is a store of more than 1,200 meters that on 2020 opened its doors to the public. When the chain chose Grupo Mercadeo to be part of the development of this project, the following objectives were set, it had to be a store capable of transporting the consumer to an unforgettable shopping experience for its customers, the brand wants its customers to live the euro brand in a warm atmosphere and with options. “We want customers to find everything to spend some time with friends, a work meeting, a family outing”

Euro Supermercado Healthy zone experience story supermarket shelve gondola supermercado modern supermarket health zone

01 – Healthy zone

Wine cellar supermarket shelve gondola supermercado diseño supermercados

02 – Wine cellar

The design aimed to meet the needs of local shoppers while experiencing a fresh food market for their purchases.

Supermarket wine cellar interior shelve supermarket gondola supermercado
Supermarket wine cellar interior design liquor store
Coworking Lounge zone supermarket
Supermarket wine cellar Colombia miami supermarket


Spaces for storytelling

What has been created into a European-inspired food hall with cafe, bakery, freshly prepared food station, delicatessen with a spectacular cheese selection, meat shop, and an exciting fruit and vegetable area, but the magic doesn’t end Do you want to have a glass of wine or a craft beer? You can do it at the bar. And if you want to take all this experience to your home, you can make a stop at the elegant wine cellar created so that the most demanding can enjoy buying the best liquors.
  • Supermarket shelve gondola de supermercado

    Water zone

  • Dairy and cheese zone at supermarket

    Dairy and cheese

  • Food supermarket shelve

    Foods zone

  • Food Court supermarket

    Food Court

  • Personal grooming supermarket shelve gondola de supermercado curva innovacion

    Personal grooming

  • Wine and liquor cellar Supermarket and liquor store

    Wine and liquor cellar

  • flavors of the world in a supermarket typical food a supermarket mexican, italian american

    Flavors of the world

    Let’s talk about your project!

    Material raw

    Substrates that are felt and lived

    We used material schemes that combined metal, oak and pine wood in the fresh food categories, and for all their other supermarket aisles and shelves a combination of metals and wood according to each product family they contain.

    The floors are a combination of textures and colors that seek for consumers to feel the best memories of their homes, with these combinations we want everyone to feel at home.

    Wine cellar entrance supermarket diseño de supermercados
    Coffee lounge in supermarket
    Coffee shelve in a supermarket

    Dico custom is proud to work with Euro Supermarket and its collaborators in the development of this space that combines freshness, abundance, quality service and effective savings, turning this space into an experience for your senses.

    It is good for the country and the region to have a Colombian brand working hand in hand with its regional and national producers to bring its customers products made with love from the countryside, grown by farmers who love what they do and which Euro Supermarket values, respects. and is responsible with them. These good practices are what make a country and its regions develop and grow.

    We invite you to visit the store and feel the passion, the love, the professionalism that each one of us who are part of the development, who share the love for the Euro Supermarket brand, social responsibility, love for our region and our country.

    Food Court supermarket zona de comidas supermercados
    Beer bar sport supermarket

    Beer bar sport

    Pet zone supermarket tienda de mascotas

    Pet zone


    This is another of the successful projects carried out by Dico Custom, in conjunction with Euro supermarkets. Grupo Mercadeo provides services of architectural design, industrial design of furniture and setting.

    Production of furniture, setting, signage, construction of industrial elements such as metal and wood ceilings, large format printing.

    Dico Custom is able to design, build and produce clothing and footwear stores, supermarkets, restaurants, offices, shopping centers and other commercial and professional spaces.