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Wine cellar and shelve Supermercado Cmart aruba

Cmart by Dico Custom

Detalles del proyecto


Dico Custom had the challenge of participating in the interior design of the Cmart hypermarket.

Cmart is very loved by Arubans, it has a long history and has a large product portfolio. The Hypermarket is located in the city of Oranjestad, Aruba. 

The store of more than 7,000 meters in November 2022 opened its doors to the public. When the chain chose Dico Custom to be part of the development of this project, the following objectives were set, it had to be a store capable of transporting the consumer to an unforgettable shopping experience for its customers, the brand wanted a store that the Arubans they were proud of her. 

Bakery zone Supermercado Cmart aruba

01 – Zona Bakery

Bakery zoneWine cellar Supermercado Cmart aruba cava de vinos

02 – Cava de vinos

Retail interior design

Spaces to enjoy

What has been created in a large and complete dining room.

The hypermarket has a wide assortment with all categories:

  • Food Grocery
  • Clothing and apparel
  • Office supplies and furniture
  • Home supplies
  • Diy Supplies 
  • Kids yoys
  • Cosmectics
  • Dairy supermarket aruba cmart


    Cmart Aruba
  • Sea food supermarket Aruba cmart

    Sea food

    Cmart Supermarket Aruba
  • Clothing and apparel supermarket cmart aruba

    Clothing and apparel

    Cmart supermarket Aruba
  • Fruit and vegetables zone supermarket cmart Aruba

    Fruits and vegetables zone

    Cmart supermarket Aruba
  • Food zone supermarket Cmart Aruba

    Food zone

    Cmart supermarket Aruba
  • Vegetables zone Cmart supermaket Aruba

    Vegetables zone

    Cmart supermaket Aruba
  • Facade Cmart Aruba supermarket

    Facade and parking

    Cmart supermarket Aruba

    Substrates that are felt and lived

    We used material schemes that combined metal, oak and pine wood in the fresh food categories, and for all their other supermarket aisles and shelves a combination of metals and wood according to each product family they contain.
    Sea food supermarket Aruba cmart
    sea food render cmart supermercado aruba

    Sea food 3d render

    render sea food 3d render supermarket aruba cmart

    render sea food 3d Cmart

    successful case: Cmart Supermarket

    This is another of the successful projects carried out by Dico Custom, in conjunction with Cmart. Grupo Mercadeo provides services of architectural design, industrial design of furniture and setting.

    Production of furniture, setting, signage, construction of industrial elements such as metal and wood ceilings, large format printing.

    Dico Custom is able to design, build and produce clothing and footwear stores, supermarkets, restaurants, offices, shopping centers and other commercial and professional spaces.